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Product Catalog

  • Manufacturer: Vitakraft/Sunseed

Handcrafted, tasty bar that provides a quick nutritious treat and fun, engaging activity for pet birds. Vita Prima™ Grainola® Treat Bars are a convenient, quick-serve treat for your pets. Made with delicious banana, raisin, safflower seed, and coconut, this granola bar-styled treat encourages foraging and provides an outlet for birds' natural pecking instincts. Add some variety to your pet's diet with our fun selection of Vita Prima treats: try them all!

A complete nutrition formula with no artificial colors or flavors and no synthetic vitamins. For all hookbills. Over 60 varieties of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and herbs. Fruits and vegetables are dehydrated unless stated otherwise.

Enriched seed mixture: vitamins, amino acids & minerals = optimal condition. For African parrots a.o. African greys, Jardine's parrots & Senegal parrots. Composed in consultation with the scientific team of Loro Parque (Tenerife).

For use in horses, livestock, goats, sheep, swine, and pets to help with digestive issues.

  • Manufacturer: Purina

Purina Mills® Scratch Grains SunFresh® Grains is a natural blend of high-quality natural grains designed to be fed free-choice to adult chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys to encourage the natural pecking and feeding instincts. Note that Scratch Grains is a grain supplement, not a complete feed. If too much is fed, it will dilute the feed intake of complete feeds such as Start & Grow®, Layena® and Flock Raiser®, reducing the bird’s nutritional intake and overall performance. Purina Mills® Scratch Grains SunFresh® Grains should not comprise more than 10% of the birds’ overall diet.